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Get Outside During May and Help Raise $50,000 for Mental Health America

In recognition of Mental Health Month and the mental health benefits of time outside, our partners at L.L.Bean invite you to participate in their Feel-Good Challenge. Join people across the country and work together toward a collective goal of 500,000 hours outside during the month of May. To kick off the Challenge, L.L.Bean is donating $25,000 to Mental Health America – and will donate $50,000 if the challenge is met in May.

As a collective challenge, you only need to spend the time that’s right for you, whether that’s hours or minutes. Even a small amount of time outside can greatly impact mental well-being. Together, we can raise awareness for mental health and the feel-good benefits of time spent outdoors.

Plus, you’ll have a wonderful time outdoors doing the things you love – or maybe even trying something new.

Visit to learn how to participate.

L.L.Bean has partnered with Strava for the challenge, time spent outside must be logged in the Strava app. Anyone can participate in the challenge leveraging the free version of Strava. Whether from a desktop or mobile device you can create a free account by going to the Strava website or downloading the app on your phone, notice the “join for free” button in the upper right. The registration process is simple -- and is similar to any other service or app you might register for.

P.S. To download MHA's Mental Health Month Campaign materials to access information and resources for your mental well-being, visit

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